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Import revenue data from your ePOS using Omnivore


If your company uses NCR Aloha, Micros 3700, Dinerware, InfoGenesis, Azbar or Maitre’D as your ePOS system, you can easily connect your account to Planday with Omnivore's ePOS integration platform to automatically import revenue data from your ePOS into Planday.

Below we'll walk you through how to activate and use the integration.

The integration imports daily revenue numbers for the past three days from your ePOS system to Planday so you can monitor revenue, scheduled labour costs and payroll percentages from the revenue report and inside your schedule.

Before you setup the integration, you first need to create revenue units for the relevant Departments in Planday. You can create the revenue units in Settings > Reports > Revenue.

1. Prepare the Omnivore integration

Follow the steps below to activate the Omnivore integration and automatically send your revenue data to Planday.

To begin, let us know you'd like to connect to Omnivore by sending our support team a ticket. The Omnivore integration requires installation of an Omnivore agent on your back of house machine, where you ePOS system is installed. Omnivore will handle the installation and then Planday will help coordinate and setup the integration.

After the installation of the Omnivore software, we will provide you the below details to activate the integration for each of your selected locations.

  • Location ID
  • Api-Key

Once this is completed, you're ready to follow the steps below to activate the integration in Planday.

2. Activate the Omnivore integration

Navigation: Settings > Portal settings > Scheduled jobs

2.1 Create Scheduled job in Planday

  1. Log into Planday and go to Settings in the top menu. In the left menu, select Portal settings > Scheduled jobs, then click Create instance
  2. In Type select POS integration
  3. Add the start date for integration to be active
  4. Select Active. At any time, you can disable or pause the integration from importing revenue data from you ePOS system by deselecting the box
  5. Choose the time of day for Planday to import your revenue data. Please note, the integration imports revenue data from the previous three days. We suggest you choose a time in the morning to import, after the last business day has ended e.g. 6am.
  6. Choose Repeat week, for your revenue to continue importing each week.
  7. Mark which days of the week your revenue data from the previous three days will be imported into Planday. Please note, the selected days are not the dates the revenue was generated, but are rather the days the revenue data from the previous three days will import to Planday. If you select Friday at 7am as an import day, Planday will import the revenue data for Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday on Friday at 7am. If an import day reimports revenue data for days already imported to Planday, the existing data will be overwritten by the most recent import for revenue data reporting on those days.Screen_Shot_2017-03-05_at_16.41.49.png

    After adding the days and time, follow the below steps to complete the connection to Omnivore.Click the dropdown menu labelled POS service, and select Omnivore

  8. Enter the following required details for Omnivore for each revenue unit:
    • Location ID
    • Api-Key
  9. Select Verify login credentials to verify your access to Omnivore
  10. Select Save. Now the integration to your ePOS system is ready to send your revenue data to Planday using Omnivore.


Once your integration to Omnivore is active, you will see it set to active on the Planday Integration page in Settings > Integrations > Overview.

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