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Preparing for payroll


In order to prepare for payroll we recommend the following procedure:

Make sure what needs to be paid has been approved on the Schedule!

You will need three reports.

1. Export the payroll file (*Payroll > Payroll export* > choose period and formats, PDF and Excel)

2. Export vacation report (*Schedule – Vacation & Overtime – Click Vacation report*, set date range, un-tick requests and denied vacation, tick 'exclude days outside')

Please note: Vacation taken from an accrual account will appear on the payroll report. vacation taken from a NON accrual account will not. Hence the above report.

3. Export 'employee changes' (*PEOPLE > Employees > Tools > Export data* > Type: Employee changes, make sure All fields are selected, and include deactivated employees, click Export data)

These three reports will make sure that the person processing payroll is well informed.

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