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Discontinuing support for iOS 7 & 8


On May 15th, Planday will only support iOS 9 and later. Weโ€™ve answered some questions that you may have about this change below.

How can I update to the latest software that Planday supports?
To update to the latest software your iPhone or iPad supports, go to:
Settings>General>Software Update

More information on this is available on the Apple website here.

How will this affect me if I use an iPhone 4?
If you use an iPhone 4, you cannot update to iOS 9 or later. This means that if you already have the Planday app installed on your iPhone 4, then you will not be able to update your Planday app to the latest version.

You can continue using the app version you have installed, however we will not continue to support or update it. To get the best experience, we advise that you upgrade to a newer device or login to Planday from your computer.

Why are we doing this?
For every OS a mobile app provider supports, time and resources are required to ensure the apps run smoothly and include all the latest features. We decided to discontinue support for iOS 7 & 8 โ€“ currently used by under 1% of our users, to better focus on giving you the best and fastest user experience to manage your shifts and schedule on the Planday app. This also means we can provide you the latest functionality and security that Apple supports.

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