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Payslips into Planday


In order to match an employee with his or her payslip, Planday uses TWO identifiers:

NI Number and PAYROLL ID
-both of these must be identical in Planday and in the system used for processing payroll.

The payslips needs to be downloaded from the payroll system as ONE single file with just ONE payslip per page, top 1/2 of the page and then saved in PDF format.


Log into Planday - select Payroll - Payroll export - Import payslips

Enter start date / end date of the payroll period

Select upload format (IRIS or SAGE or the third option (a more generic option if NOT using IRIS or SAGE)

Click 'Upload file'

All successfully uploaded payslips will be shown on screen then a final 'save' button will distribute the payslips.

Payslips not uploaded will also be shown (the reason is likely to be Payroll ID or NI Number not matching)

The employee will get a copy (click HOME/PAYSLIPS... and can also be viewed on the APP)
-a copy will be stored in Payroll/Payroll export/ Payslips
-and a 3rd copy is stored on each profile in PEOPLE/EMPLOYEES

Staff members have access to their payslips until the day they are de-activated from Planday.

Until that day they can view and download their payslips.


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