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Create, edit, and invite employees


In Planday, you can manage your employees from multiple places. You can create and edit employees from both the People and the Schedule section. And if you're on our mobile app, you can import employees from your contacts. 

Create and edit employees from the People section | Creating and editing employees from the Schedule section | Inviting employees in bulk | Inviting employees on at the time

Create and edit employees from the People section

Navigation: People > Employees > Create employee

From People > Employees you'll find Create employee in the top right corner. Go through the steps, and on the last page you have the option to invite the employee either via email or SMS.


To edit an employee, simply click the name of the employee you want to edit. Make the changes you want and click Save.  

Creating and editing employees from the new Schedule section

Navigation: Schedule > Schedule > Employees > Create employee

To create employees from the new Schedule view, you need to be in the Employees view. From there, click Create employee.


To edit an employee from the Schedule section, hover your cursor above the employees' name, and click on the pencil that appears. 


Inviting employees in bulk

Navigation: People > Employees > Tools > Send logins

Employees can be invited individually or by Department. Before you can invite employees, please make sure you have registered either email address, phone number, or both.

Go to People > Employees > Tools > Send Logins. You can select the Departments you want to invite, and choose if you want to send the invitations by email or SMS.

After you click Send, your employees will receive the Planday account URL and their personal login information.

Inviting employees one at the time

Navigation: People > Employees

To invite a single employee, edit and save their profile, which will bring you to the invite employee screen. Select whether you want to invite them via email, SMS, or both. Next, add a welcome message and their contract (if applicable).



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