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Create and edit Employee groups


Employees are assigned to Employee groups based on what roles they can cover in the business. One employee can belong to more than one Employee group, and when you assign shifts on the Schedule, employee groups will help you assign the right shifts to the right employees. 

As all shifts belong to an Employee group, only employees in the Employee group can claim or swap shifts within a group.  

Create Employee groups

Navigation: People > Employee groups

Go to People > Employee groups and click Create employee group. Give the group a name and, if relevant, set a default hourly wage for the group. All wages can be set individually for employees, but the default hourly wage can be useful if you have a standard starting wage.

Add employees to the group and click Save. 

You can also create a new Employee group from the People page, by selecting Create employee group on the bottom left below Security groups. 

Editing Employee groups

Navigation: People > Employees


After creating an Employee group, you can edit it directly from the Employees page under People.

Down the left side of the screen you'll see your Employee groups. Hover over the group you want to edit, and click the pencil that appears.

You can edit the wage for each employee in the group or remove employees from the group. 


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