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Set up, and work with Positions from inside the Schedule


We'll walk you through how you can create, edit, and work with Positions from inside the Schedule.

We've also introduced a Groups view, so you can now work across any of the three Schedule views: Employees, Groups, and Positions.

Introduction | How the Positions view works | Add Positions | Add Sections | Organize Positions into Sections | Edit Positions and Sections | Move Positions and Sections


You have three different view options for your schedule: Employees, Groups, and Positions.


The Positions view lets you subdivide an Employee group into Sections and Positions, providing you and your employees with better information in the Schedule.

For an overview of how Departments, Employee groups, and Positions work together, see this diagram on the Structure of Planday

How the Positions view works

If you run a chain of restaurants, you might have one Department for each location, with employees organized into Employee groups based on their role (e.g. Hosts, Bartenders, Waiters).

Positions let you:

  • label shifts based on the responsibilities the shift comes with
  • easily allocate your Employee groups across the different areas of your business where you need them
  • ensure all areas of your business are staffed adequately 

The Position name is shown on the Schedule for both managers and employees.

Each Position is assigned to one Employee group. You can create multiple Positions per Employee group.


In the image above, you can see the section Dinner with two positions — Cold starters and Warm dishes. Each position is assigned to the Employee group Chef. The names of the positions help communicate responsibilities to the staff.  

Add Positions

Navigation: Schedule > Schedule > Positions


  • From the Positions view, click Add Position
  • Give the Position a name and assign it to an Employee group
  • Click Save

If you've created Sections, you can select a Section for the Position. You can also give the Position a color, and a valid from and to date, if it's temporary.

Add Sections

Navigation: Schedule > Schedule > Positions

  • From the Positions view, click Add Section
  • Give the Section a name and give it a color
  • Click Save

Organize Positions into Sections

Navigation: Schedule > Schedule > Positions

A Section is a label used to organize a selection of your Positions. Each Section also displays total expected hours and costs for the Positions in the Section.

When you create a Position you can assign it to a Section. To move a Position after you've created it, simply drag and drop it into the relevant Section. 

Edit Positions and Sections

Navigation: Schedule > Schedule > Positions

To edit Positions and Sections, click the pencil icon on the Position or Section you want to edit. 


Move Positions and Sections 

Both Positions and Sections can be moved using drag and drop. Grab the Position or Section you want to move and drop it in its new place. When you move Positions between Sections, hours and costs for the Sections are updated. 


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