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Planday for Employees


As an employee, Planday makes managing your work life a lot easier. You can see when you're working next, easily clock in and out for shifts, communicate with coworkers and more. This guide will take you through the most important features both in the app and on desktop. With the exception of requesting vacation, everything can be done from the iOS and Android app.

The Planday app

Planday is available for both iOS and Android. When you’ve downloaded the app, log into your Planday account with the Planday account URL and your username and password. This information is provided by your employer.

The instructions in this guide is for the iOS app, so there might be minor differences in the Android app.

Overview — the dashboard in the app

In this section, we'll cover what you can see from the app home screen.

Pending your approval

This is where you’ll see requests from coworkers to swap shifts, as well as requests that need your attention.

Punch Clock

If Punch Clock in the mobile app has been activated by your employer, you’ll see the current day’s shift there. You can clock both in and out from here.

You also have the option of adding a comment when you clock in or out. If you’re early, late or need to communicate with your manager about your working time, this is the place to do it.

If you’re not on the schedule, but are working anyway, simply clock in by selecting Add extra shift. Next, choose your department and employee group for your extra shift.

Your shifts

From Your shifts you can browse your upcoming shifts. Tap Show shifts by month to get an overview of your calendar for the coming months.

Swap shifts

If you select one of your shifts, you’ll see the option to trade it, or make it available to anyone looking for an extra shift. The shift remains yours until a manager approves your swap request.

From Show shifts by month, you can indicate when you prefer to work and when you prefer to be off. Many managers will ask you to indicate your availability before they create a schedule. Keep in mind that this does not mean your preferences will be taken into account.

Mark your availability

Go Account and press Availability. Select the dates and press Available or Unavailable. You can also add a comment for your manager.


Open shifts you can cover

Back in Overview, you’ll find Open shifts. These are shifts you can cover and request. Once you request a shift, it’s up to your manager to decide who gets it. When you’re given a shift, your manager might notify you through a message. Otherwise, your calendar will be updated in real-time as any changes are made.

News feed

The News feed is used by managers to keep you up to date on information that would otherwise be on a bulletin board. Check this space regularly to make sure you are updated on the latest news.


The Events section is used for company outings, health and safety courses and other training programs. Events will often have a guest list, so make sure you register for the events you plan to attend.


Navigate to Messages to find all your communication with coworkers and managers. You can send messages to one or more recipients. If your manager makes changes to the schedule, and informs you via a message, you’ll receive that in your Planday inbox. Make sure to enable push notifications for the Planday app, so you immediately receive any update from your manager.


Go to Schedule to see the full schedule for each department you have access to. At the top, you’ll see which department and month you’re currently looking at. Tap to switch to another department.


This is the overview of your coworkers’ contact information. The information you’re allowed to see here is dictated by your manager.


Go to Account to change your settings, or see documents and payslips (if that’s been made available by your employer).

Planday desktop

To log in to Planday from a browser, go to your Planday account URL, and enter your username and password. In the top menu, you’ll see three sections of Planday: Dashboard, Schedule and Employees. On the right, you’ll see your inbox and profile.


Home > Dashboard

From the Dashboard, you can see your schedule for the current month. Days marked with a grey circle are the ones where you have a shift, while a red circle indicates open shifts you can request. Hover over a shift for more information.


The employee is scheduled for Monday, 27 February. By hovering over the grey field, more information and options for the shifts will appear.

From the dashboard you can also see the News feed and Events.

Home > Your schedule

This is where you find a detailed view of your work calendar. The columns shown here are decided by your employer. Click a shift, swap it, or make it available for your coworkers to claim.


Home > Your availability

Go to Home > Your availability. Click Edit all, edit your status, and include a comment if relevant. Save all.


Home > Your vacation

You can request vacation in Planday, if your employer has it enabled. Go to Home > Your vacation to request time off. After you request vacation, it’s up to your manager to approve or decline your request.


Home > Payslips

If your employer has made payslips available in Planday, you’ll find them under Home > Payslips.

Schedule > Schedule

Go to Schedule > Schedule to see the complete schedule for each department you have access to. By default, you’ll see a weekly schedule, but your employer might have other views enabled. From here, you can see who you’re working with, or find coworkers who might be interested in swapping shifts with you.

People > Employee overview

In the Employee overview, you’ll see the information about your coworkers that your employer has made available. You’ll usually find your colleagues’ phone number here.

People > Documents

If your employer uploads documents to Planday, you’ll find them by going to People > Documents.

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