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Why should I create a department?


A department represents one schedule.

Departments represent different locations across town or teams within your business. When your portal was first set up, we automatically created a department for you, but you can easily create more.


Create Department

Go to People > Departments > Click 'Create department'

Planday People Create Department

GO TO THE GET STARTED GUIDE for further details.

The name of the department is visible to both managers and employees.

Schedule Type: Select whether the schedule should be Position-based or Employee-based:

Position-based: A position-based schedule allows you to specify a range of job functions to be filled each day by a variety of employees. You can benefit from this type of schedule if there are different employees at work on different days, and typically in businesses with many employees on hourly wages.

See an example of a position based schedule below:

Employee-based: An employee-based work schedule displays the employees in a department on the left-hand side, and each employee's shifts are entered horizontally next to them. This type of roster is practical if you have a permanent staff with a fixed schedule from week to week, e.g. a company office or administrative department.

See an example below:

In the next tab with extra info, you can register detailed information about your new department.

A department number will be required information for some payroll systems, but not all. 

Working Day Start and Finish: When the working day starts in this department. This affects the way the schedule is displayed.

Hourly Wage on "Open Shifts": If you create open shifts, you can set a fixed hourly wage for them, so that they will be accounted for in your payroll expenses.


Add Employees 

If you have already created employees, you can click on the small icon of a person and a green plus for an overview of which employees you have already added, and you can add more.

Planday Add People to Department


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