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How do I edit an employee?


You can always edit your existing employees’ information, as well as resend their login information, add them to new or other groups or departments, see shifts, and more, in the Employees section:
Go to People > Employees

Select or search for the name of the employee you wish to edit and click the Edit pencil on the right-hand side.

The first tab shows you the employee details.

Planday People Edit Employee

Information: Change or add to the existing information. The tax ID (social security number / NI number) must be entered correctly for the payroll to function.

Address etc.: Make sure to tick the box “Contact info public” if you want to share the contact information with the other employees. In “Settings” you can configure how much of the information you want to be visible.

 Planday Edit employee salary

Salary identifier: In order to pay the employee correctly, the payroll ID must correspond to the number used in your payroll system.

Hrs per month: Please enter the agreed number of working hours in a month. If the employee is on a monthly salary this number should e.g. in Denmark be 160.33.

Remember to click “Save” when you are done editing. 

You can also print contracts for the employees using the function in the navigation bar to the left. Just click 'Create contract' and generate the contract for the chosen employee. Read more about contract templates here!

Groups & Wages

If the employee should be taken out of, or added to, a department or group, this is the place to do it.
To change departments, untick the department that the employee should no longer be a member of and tick the new department. Finalize by clicking on 'Save'.

Edit employee Group: Click on the little "Edit" icon on the right-hand side to edit the hourly wage the employee will be paid for working in that particular group. You can remove them from the group by clicking the red delete button next to the edit one.

Documents / Notes

Keep information and notes about each employee gathered in one place! You can choose whether notes are visible for the employee or not. 


Get an overview of the employee's shifts. 

Limit the view to a specific period (for instance the salary period) by clicking on 'Show date range'.
To see history on the shift, click on the little blue arrow to the left.

All uploaded payslips will be accessible here.


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