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How do I create an employee?


If you haven't already, you may want to take a look at this step-by-step guide to structuring your staff in Planday!

Before you start, we recommend that you have the name, tax ID, mobile number and email address of the new employee ready to hand.

Go to People > Employees and click 'Create Employee'

Enter basic information such as name and departments. You cannot proceed unless the fields in bold are completed.

Username and Password will automatically be allocated by the system.

Click 'Next'

Planday People create employee 

Once again, you must fill in all fields in bold in order to proceed.

Remember to select the correct Supervisor for the employee (if applicable) and the correct Employee type.

If you do not have the tax ID (NI number or Social Security Number) for the employee you can put an “x” in the field. It is important that you provide it as soon as you have it, since it is used in the payroll process.

Click 'Next'

To add the employee to one of the created employee groups, click on "Add to employee group"

Planday Add employee to group

Employee group: Choose the group to which the employee should be added. An employee can be added to multiple groups by clicking “Add to employee group” again. 

Hourly wages: If you added a default wage to the Employee group, leaving this blank sets the default wage. If the employee is on a monthly salary the value should be 0.00. Otherwise enter the desired wage.

Once you have added the employee to the correct group or groups, click “Create”.


Send login information: Here you can choose to send the newly-added employee’s login details by text message or email.

Print contract: If you have already uploaded contracts, you can immediately print a contract for the employee.

Send welcome letter: If you have saved a welcome message under Settings, you can send it from here.

Send welcome SMS: If you have saved a welcome text message under Settings, you can send it from here.


If you have a lot of employees we have a template where you can fill in the information of all employees at once and have the Excel file uploaded to the system. We do however recommend that you wait and only do this when you've become more familiar with our system.


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