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How do I deactivate an employee?


All information, including records of past shifts, will remain in the system, and if necessary employees can be reactivated at a later point in time. You cannot delete employees completely.

In the People section, find the employee and click the edit icon to the right.

Deactivate immediately: Click here if you intend to deactivate the employee with immediate effect.

Deactivation date: If you choose a date in the past, the employee will be deactivated immediately. If you select today's date, the employee will have access to the system for the rest of the day. If you select a date in the future, the employee will have access to the system right until that date. 

Optional description of cause: If you wish, you can fill in an additional comment to keep you and your fellow managers up-to-date on the reason for this employee’s termination.

Planday People deactivate employee

If there is any data, such as shifts or a template, involving this employee, you will be asked to decide how to handle that.
Please click on the link to resolve issues for each department.

All the employee's shifts will be listed. You have the option of erasing them, giving them to somebody else or changing them to "open shifts".

Click "Deactivate" to close the user account as intended.

Planday Deactivated employee Shifts

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