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Can I customise the form with new fields?


Go to Settings > People > Employee form setup > User defined fields > click "Create"

User-defined fields can be used to store a name and phone number for a relative (in case of emergency), the size of the employee's uniform or to indicate whether or not he completed the safety course.

Title: You can either opt to use one of the pre-defined titles, or remove the tick and create your own title. See an example of the pre-defined titles below.

Planday Custom employee fields

You can select from a variety of field types, e.g. 'Text' which can contain any kind of normal text combined with numbers.

The other options are:

True/False: If you want a simple box that can be ticked.

Numeric: Field to be filled out with a number, e.g. phone number.

Dropdown: If you want to create a drop-down menu with a variety of selections.

Date: If the field should be filled out with a date. 

Default Value: Here you can set a default value, which will always be selected in a new form if you do not change it. If you create a text field for any allergies, the default value could be "no allergies", which will be there unless you type something else.

Required Field: Tick here, if the field is mandatory. It will not be possible to save the form unless this field is completed.

Finish by clicking on "Save"


Custom fields are located under "Fields" in Form setup. You can drag them into the relevant section to make them visible on the portal. See a guide on how to add new fields in various situations here.


If you selected "Drop-down" as a type, you will need to create the various options that will appear in the drop down menu, e.g. uniform size options: XS, S, M and L:

Click on the first little icon with the pencil and then click on "Create".

Planday Employee field drop down


Title: Write the name of the first option you want to include in your dropdown menu.

Sort Order: Arrange the options numerically. If you don't, they will be arranged alphabetically.

Default Value: Tick if the system should configure this title as default.

Finish by clicking on "Save".


Create as many titles as you wish, depending on how many options you want in the dropdown menu.



You can add new sections to the overview with your own headers. This is done by dragging an empty section from the right side to the form. You add a header by clicking the pencil in the section.

Planday employee form section

Title: Make your own title or mark "Use existing translation" to select one of the existing predefined headers. Click "Save".

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