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Can you explain how to use units?


Units are a way of splitting up your department for revenue reporting purposes. They allow you to report the revenue for individual sections of departments.

Suppose you have a club with two bars, it would be practical to create two units, one for the outdoors bar and one for the indoors bar.

Go to Settings > Reports > Revenue and select the tab 'Units'.
Select the relevant department and click 'Create'.

Name your new unit and check the department in the drop down.

Decide whether to allow both Employee Purchases and daily revenue to be registered for this unit. The latter should only be unmarked in very rare cases.

Include in Total Turnover: If switched off, the revenue entered for this unit will not be included in the total revenue for all departments.


Furthermore, you can link each of your units to a set of positions in your schedule. That way only the specific cost of those hours will affect the revenue report, instead of working with the overall payroll expenses.

Go to Settings > Schedule > Schedule positions
and edit each position

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