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How can I post news?


Go to the front page of your Planday portal and click 'create' in the top right corner of the News section (below the schedule): Home > News > Create


Planday Communication news feed


Type a news headline and the text that you want displayed.

Unmark the Active checkbox if you don't want the news to be visible immediately.

You can target certain members of your staff with relevant news by selecting only specific departments or employee groups.

To make sure your news board is always up-to-date with relevant news, we recommend that you set a start date (“show from”) and an end date (“show to”). You can leave the last field empty if you’d like to keep the news item permanently on the board.

In the tab 'Settings', you can determine in what order your news posts appear on the board. The piece of news with the lowest number will be shown at the top of the list.

Planday Communication Write news post


In the Attachments tab you can attach any relevant files or documents to the news.

Click Save to have the news displayed on your front page.


Note that regular employees do not have the authority to post News or create Events.

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