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Can I send reminders to my staff?


You can send predefined reminders to your staff directly from the system. These could be to remind them of a future shift or tell them about any changes in existing shifts.

First, we'll explain how to set up standard messages. For information on how to set up recurring, automated messages, see below.

Standard messages

To send a reminder, please go to Schedule, select the 'Day' tab and click 'send message'. When you choose 'Reminder', the predefined standard text will be sent either by SMS or push notification in the Planday inbox depending on your choice.

Planday send Schedule related message

To define the content of that message, go to Settings > Schedule > Communication.

 Planday Communication create message template

Sender (Only SMS): The name you want displayed in the SMS, e.g. your company name. If you change the sender to your phone number, your employees will be able to reply to your SMS directly.

As you can see from the templates already present in the portal, you can use the merge fields to personalise the content of the reminder.

Please note that there is a 160-character limit with SMS.

You can also define the content of other schedule-related messages:

New Shift: This is the message that will be sent if you have given an employee a new shift, and have opted to inform them via Planday message or SMS.

Change of Shift: This is the message to send if you change an employee's shift in any way.

Cancelled Shift: This is the message to send if you delete an employee's shift, or if you give his/her shift to someone else. If you give a shift to someone else, that person will be informed of this in the form of a text message re. new shift.


Recurring reminders

To have the system automatically send a reminder to your staff,
go to Settings > Portal settings > Scheduled jobs and click 'create instance'.

In the Type dropdown, select Schedule SMS to have the system send a daily SMS to everyone on the schedule that day, with a reminder and their scheduled hours.

If you need help setting up the reminder, please feel free to contact us at

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