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How can I send an SMS to my employees?


In Communication you have the opportunity to send a text message to one or multiple employees.

Go to the envelope icon in the top right of your screen and select “Send SMS”.
You can select individual employees, employee groups or departments, depending on the message you need to send.

Planday Communication Send SMS


If you need to send a message to everyone working or not working on a particular day, we recommend that you send a schedule-related message instead:

Go to Schedule, select the 'Day' tab and click 'Send message'. To write a unique message, select 'Normal message' and click 'next'.


As with other messages, you're welcome to use merge fields.

The 'Sender' could either be a (company) name or your phone number, in case you want the recipients to be able to reply to you directly.


One SMS is 160 characters.

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