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Where can I write a message to a group?


In the Communications section you can send a message to one or more employees.

The users are conveniently sorted by groups, so you can easily select the employees you want to get in touch with.
As with any regular email, you can add a subject and the body of the message. You can also use merge fields to personalise the content.

In the 'Attachments' section, you can add any files or documents to the message.
In the other tab, 'Misc', you get some additional features:

Planday Communication Send message attachment

Send SMS to recipients: Select whether your recipients should also receive an SMS to inform them that they have an important message waiting to be read in Planday.

Show in Punch Clock: Select whether the message should be displayed in the Punch Clock the next time the recipient clocks in.

Forced Read: Lock the message for X number of seconds on the screen the next time they log in to the system.

Forced Answer: Select whether the recipient should respond to the message before they are allowed to proceed in the system.


Click on Send to send out the message. 

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