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How can I take advantage of payroll settings?


Taking the time to adjust your payroll settings will ensure that your payroll reporting is consistent and useful every time.

These settings are the defaults suggestions for every report, but the system will allow you to create reports with other settings as well.

Go to Settings > Payroll > General

Planday Payroll default settings

Start date: Set the default start date for your payroll period here.
This way you can ensure that, as long as you run payroll one month at a time, your monthly paid employees’ salaries will be calculated correctly.


The general settings include more advanced options as you scroll down:

Shift grouping: As default there is no checkmark here, but if you want to group according to department or hourly rate, this is where you can make your selection. Your choice will depend on your payroll system.

Zero shifts: If you do not want to include any unpaid shifts (that is, that show "0") on your payroll report, you can make that selection here.

Salary Codes: If you have entered a salary code in specific places, e.g. under employee groups or supplements, those will be applied automatically. This section allows you to define what default code to apply if a salary code is missing.
If no salary code is entered anywhere, our system will automatically select 1201 for shifts and monthly salary.

Employee Payslips: Decide whether or not to allow your employees to see their page in the PDF file that the system creates when you run payroll. The file will be stored as a link together with the payslip and will be called "Payroll Report".
Each employee will see the same information about their personal pay as you see.

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