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Can I decide which fields to show in the CSV / Excel payroll report?


Go to Settings > Payroll > Prints > CSV / Excel data fields

and you'll see the list of default fields for the payroll reports.

Planday Payroll report custom fields


To add your own, simply click 'create'.
From the drop down list, select the field that you want to make available for CSV / Excel payroll reports.

Planday Payroll Report Fields

The system will suggest the same name as in the drop down menu, but of course you can change it yourself.

Standard value: If there is no information for a given employee, this default value will be entered instead.

Sort order: Type a number to indicate where in the report you want this field to appear, from left to right You are free to use the numbering you find useful, e.g. 1-10-20 or 1-2-3. The lower the number, the higher on the list, and the closer to the left margin of the report.

Finish by clicking on "Save"


Ignoring certain salary codes

You may have certain salary codes that are only for your own use, and aren't handled by your payroll system. In this section, you can determine which salary codes should not be included in your CSV payroll export. These codes will still be visible in your PDF payroll report.

Go to Settings > Payroll > Prints and select the tab 'Ignore Salary Codes'.
Click on "Create" and enter the salary code you wish to be ignored.

Click on the check mark on the far right-hand side to save.

Planday Payroll ignore salary code


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