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Can you help me set up payroll supplements?


Go to Settings > Payroll > Payroll supplement

to define in which cases your employees should be paid extra or accrue time to their overtime account.

Create payroll supplement - Normal supplement: When you need to base your supplement on the individual shifts, e.g. add 1 hour to the employee's flex account for every hour his/her shift exceeds 8 hours.

Planday Payroll create supplement

Give your supplement a title and add a short description.

Enter the hourly wage for the supplement. You can set this in to a set amount, a percentage of extra pay, or a percentage of overtime for additions to the flex account.

Start type: Choose whether the supplement should be activated at a certain time of day (hour) or after a given length of a shift (relative to shift). The duration of the supplement should be entered in minutes.

Example: If you want to award overtime to someone working more than 8 hours per shift:
the start type should be ‘relative to shift’ and the 'Applies after' value should be set to 480. Set the duration to 120 minutes if another supplement is enforced for shifts longer than 10 hours, or set the duration to 1200 minutes, if you want this supplement to last indefinitely.

Enter the correct salary type number. You can obtain this from your payroll system.

Select on which week days the supplement should be applied.

Days from Bank Holiday Calendar: Select the relevant Bank Holiday calendar to apply, and make sure the calendar is up-to-date and valid. If the supplement isn't affected by bank holidays, then leave it blank.

Employee groups/types: Select to whom the supplement should be paid.

Affected by breaks: Marking this option, breaks will not be deducted from the period for which the supplement is being calculated.

Affects Monthly Salaried: if this option is checked, the supplement will also apply to employees on a monthly salary.

Forced Payment: if this option is checked, the supplement will always be paid - even if there are other supplements in the same period as the relevant shift. Otherwise, only the highest supplement will be paid.

Allow After Midnight: If a Friday night shift continues into the early hours of Saturday, a weekend supplement is automatically added, even if the first part of the shift was not on the selected weekday.

Create the supplement by clicking "Save".


Supplement per shift

If a certain employee group should get a supplement for the entire shift, and not per hour, please select the Normal supplement and let the start type be "Relative to shift". By letting the duration of the supplement equal 1 hour, you can enter the shift supplement in the 'payroll' field.

The alternative is to create a manual supplement and award it to each of the shifts and employees in question.

Planday Payroll Create supplement per week

Week-Based Supplement: The supplement isn't calculated until the week is over and you know whether or not an employee is entitled to the supplement,

Title: For example, if a supplement is given when an employee works more than 37 hours per week

Hourly Rate: Payment is DKK 10 per hour for hours worked over and above 37. I.e. if an employee has worked 39 hours, s/he will be paid a supplement of 2 x DKK 10 on top of their regular wage.

Payment Period - hours: You can limit the supplement, so it is only paid for a certain period. I.e. the hours the employee has worked over and above the 37 hours must occur in this time period: e.g. from 16.00 to 20.00.

Payment period - from: Defines the minimum amount of hours before this supplement is applied. So if we set it to 37 an employee must have been at work for a minimum of 37 hours in the week in order to get the supplement.

The rest is configured in the same way as a normal supplement.

Finish by clicking on "Save".


Day-Based Supplement: select this if your employees regularly work several shifts on a single day. The shifts are combined and the supplement is based on the total number of working hours. Configure the supplement in the same way as a week-based supplement.


Seniority Supplement: To be created if employees should receive a seniority bonus.

Start Date: Set the date to today's date, or back in time, if the supplement should apply to employees who have been employed longer, and who should benefit from the supplement.

Salary: Set the supplement as percentage or a fixed amount. If you want the conditions of payment to be on an hourly basis, set the salary as an hourly rate.

Conditions of Payment: Hourly basis (a regular supplement per hour), whole months (a regular monthly supplement), half months (a regular supplement per half month, mainly for employees paid on a bi-weekly basis), daily basis (a regular supplement per day).

Required Period of Employment: given in days. Typing 365, the supplement will come into effect 365 days after an employee was hired.

Limit the supplement, so that it only applies to specific employee types or employee groups.


Personal Supplement: To apply to specific employees.

Title: Name the supplement.

Payroll: Enter the amount to be paid to the employee each month, on top of their current wages/salary.

Salary Code: Enter a salary code, if applicable.

When you have saved the supplement, you can select which employees the supplement should apply to. You do this by clicking on the little icon on the far right-hand side.

Employee: Select which employees are eligible for this supplement.

Start Date: Select from which date the supplement should be valid and, if required, an end date as well.

Individual Rate: If you tick here, you will be able to enter a special rate for the selected employee. An extra little field will appear, where you can write the individual rate.

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