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Where can I import payslips?


Go to Payroll and select the tab 'Import payslips' to conveniently save all employee payslips in one place.
Your employees will then be able to securely access their information from Planday.

You can also import other types of documents, such as annual reports or vacation reports. Simply select the Type from the drop down

Planday Payroll Import payslips

Start and End date: Set the same dates as the ones written on the payslip.

Existing payslips: If there are existing payslips for the selected period, you can choose to overwrite them or let the new payslips be added to the existing.

Format: You can start by selecting the format of your payroll provider. However, the primary difference between the options is how the payslips are matched with your employees in Planday. As a rule of thumb, make sure the name, address, tax ID and bank account number for each person in Planday match the information on that person's payslip from the payroll provider.

File to import: Browse for the relevant payslip file.

Click "import

If the import fails, select another format from the drop down and try again.

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