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How can I export data to my payroll system?


Go to Payroll > Payroll Report

to create a report in the format you need for your payroll system.

Start and End date: Set the start and end dates for the relevant payroll period. Make sure you don't include dates for which you've already paid your employees. Use payroll settings to suggest the right dates every time, e.g. from the 21st to the 20th every month.

Filtering options: You can limit your report to certain employees, employee types, and departments, as well as selecting whether or not to include employees with a monthly salary.

Formats: Select your payroll system from the drop down and keep the check mark for Adobe PDF. Use the pdf-file to check if everything is correct. The other file is the one you import to your payroll system.

Print report: Click here, and the two reports will appear as two files for you to save. Right click each file to save them directly to your drive with no alterations. Only open the pdf file.

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