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Where can I see who is available to work?


When you are creating shifts and want to assign an employee, those who have declared that they cannot work will be marked in red. Conversely, the people who have stated that they are available for shifts will be marked in green. All the information gathered right where you need it!

For a combined overview of who is ready to work and when,
go to Schedule > Availability.

Planday Schedule Availability overview

You can filter the information in the window by departments, by whether they can or cannot work, and see who is already working that day.


Reporting availability

Make sure your employees know how and when to report their availability. If they're new to the system, you're welcome to refer them to this introduction.

Employees have access to their personal Availability from their front page, and they can choose to edit one day at a time or the entire month at once.

If your business is only open Thursday-Sunday, your employees can only report their availability for those relevant weekdays. Any additional business days with scheduled shifts will also be visible for your staff to report on.

Planday People register Employee availability

As a default, your employees can choose between “Not decided ”, “Cannot work” and “Can work”, and add a note if there is anything they want you to know.

You can adapt those options to your business in Settings > Schedule > Swap > Availability.

To finalize the availability report, make sure employees click 'Save' (or Save all).

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