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Does the staff see the same schedule I do?


You can configure how your schedule should be displayed and what tabs your employees will have access to.
Go to Settings > Schedule > General and select the tab Display Settings.
In the top section you can define your employees' schedule, and further down the page you can define the view for someone with administrative rights.

Individual employees are granted reading access only, not writing access. Should you need to grant more rights to a user, you can read more about configuration of rights here.

Planday Schedule Display settings


Which schedule tabs should be visible: Indicate here which views of the schedule you want a user to be able to access. As default, all tabs will be displayed.

Show row number on 'Day': If "Yes", there will be numbers on the far left-hand column in your day view on the schedule. This can be an advantage, if you have a large number of rows with the same position.

Show employees who are not in the current department: If this is activated, it will be possible to allocate employees to shifts in departments of which they are not yet members. When the employee is assigned to the shift, he/she will automatically be added to the department.

View all departments: If "Yes", all employees have the right to see the schedule for all departments. 

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