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Visual overview of schedule


To get an overview of how many shifts you have planned for each day of the week, and whether you have any open shifts that need to be covered, go to Schedule and select the ‘Shift status overview’ tab.

Planday Schedule Shift Status Overview

If you click directly on the weekday and date, you will be transferred to the 'Day' tab for the chosen day, where you can see which employees are working and when. It is also possible to edit the shifts and assign open shifts to specific employees.

If you make a change that affects an employee in the 'Day' tab, make sure you let him or her know by simply checking the 'Send SMS' option.

To finalize any changes you have made, remember to click "Save all" at the top of the page.


Print schedule

You can export the schedule from the overview by clicking the little printer icon above the schedule.

You can add a disclaimer or footer to the printed version of your schedule.

The signature will be displayed below the schedule, when you print it. It will not be displayed in the system schedule.

Go to Settings > Schedule > General and select the tab 'Footer'.

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