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Create and edit positions


Positions help you get a better overview of your schedule: you can see the full list of jobs that need to be covered on any given day, and the people assigned to those shifts.

When creating positions, make sure to create as many as you will need on your most busy day. You don't have to create shifts for every position every day.

Go to Settings > Schedule > Schedule positions > Click "Create position"

1: Name the position as you want it displayed in the schedule, e.g. "Waiter - Afternoon". Positions are usually named for a location, time of day and/or role.

2: Choose the department and employee group that will be linked to the position. Only employees from the relevant group can work shifts in that position.

3: You can choose a specific colour for the individual positions – this will also help set them apart on the work schedule.

4: ‘Valid to and from’ should be filled in if there is an expiration date for the position. 
Should you ever need to delete a position that you have used on your schedule, we recommend that you edit it and add a 'valid to' date instead.

Click “Save”.

Planday list of Schedule positions

If you need several copies of a certain type of position, for example if you need three afternoon waiters, you can easily copy it by clicking the Copy icon to the right.

The positions will be visible on the schedule in the order they're listed here. Just drag-and-drop the positions until they're sorted the way you prefer.

This is an example of how the work schedule could look after creating some job positions:

Planday position based Schedule




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