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How can I set more business days?


This feature is relevant for you when your business isn't open all week, but you want to change the business days for special occasions or holidays.

Whenever you create a shift for a given day, that day will automatically be an business day.

However, if you decide to open your business on a day that is not a normal working day, but don’t want to add shifts to those days just yet, you can set the day as an “business day”, thus allowing your employees to report their availability for that day.

To create a new business day, go to Schedule > Tools > Create business day

Planday Schedule Create opening day

Select the month and department for which you want to create business days. 

Create: if you tick off this field, the system will automatically tick off all the dates that are not yet opened. Otherwise just tick the box by the date that you want to add as an business day.

Remember to click Save at the bottom.

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