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How can I check that an employee is not working too much?


You can establish working time rules so that the system can alert you if you are breaking certain limits when assigning shifts.

Go to Settings > Schedule > Working time rules and click 'Create' to configure the warnings that are relevant to your business and employee groups. 

Planday Schedule Edit rule

Type: In the drop-down menu select what type of rule you need to define.

The field emerging below will depend on what type you have selected.

Using Employee Groups and Employee Type will allow you to limit and define who this rule should apply to.



Below are a couple of examples of working time rules:

Minimum Rest Time Between Shifts

For example, if you wish to configure the 11-hour rule, you should select the rule type called "Minimum Off Work Hours Between Shifts" and set the minimum rest hours between two shifts to 11.

Maximum working hours in range

If you want to configure a rule concerning the maximum working hours in one period, you should provide the total working hours and period in minutes /hours /days /weeks.

Weekend off Frequency

Planday Schedule Edit weekend frequency

If you want to configure a rule concerning the maximum number of weekends an employee may work in any given period, you should select the type called " Weekend off frequency".

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