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Where can I enter our weekly budget?


Go to Settings > Reports > Revenue
and select the ‘Week Budget’ tab.

Note that the weekly budget and the monthly budget must be created separately. The weekly budget is used in Reports > Revenue under the display "Per Day" and "Per Week".

Enter the budgeted weekly Revenue in the first available column and the budgeted payroll share in the Salary Percentage.

Use the green arrow to copy the value to all the following rows.

Payroll Percentage distributed per day of the week: You might want to allow a slightly higher payroll percentage on Tuesday compared to Friday, in that revenue tends to be slightly higher on Fridays in relation to staffing costs.

Payroll costs not on the Schedule: In this column you can add any staff-related costs that aren't reflected in the shifts on the schedule. This information will be shown in a separate column in the report.

If you want to add a fixed percentage to the raw payroll costs both in the reports and in the schedule overview, e.g. to reflect the purchase of new uniforms or vacation costs, please set up additional payroll costs.

You are welcome to add any comments or notes to your budget.

Finish by clicking on "Save" at the bottom.

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