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Can I approve punch times for a whole week at a time?


Go to Schedule > Punch Clock > Week

Planday Punch Clock weekly schedule

Employee group: You can only change the group if an employee is linked to more than one employee group.

Shift Type: All shifts will typically be set to 'Normal', unless you change their type in the drop down.
If rules are set up for times deviating from the scheduled time, the shift will be split up.

Shift Time: The shift time the employee was originally scheduled to work.

Punch time: The times at which the employee has clocked in and out, which give you the employee's actual working hours.

Start: This is the time that will officially count as the start of the approved shift. If either rounding rules or deviation rules have been set, the time will be displayed here in accordance with them. Otherwise, this will be the same as the punch times. You can also manually edit this time.

Finish: This is the time that will officially count as the end of the approved shift. As with start time, this is affected by rounding rules, and can be edited manually..

Break: The tick determines whether breaks should be deducted.

Comment: The field here will display any comments the employee may have written at clocking-in or clocking-out time. The comment can be viewed by clicking on the "Show Further Details" icon, and will appear as a little “info” icon on the Schedule.


Export punch times

You can print a report with the punch times for the week - or the day - for one department at a time. Go to Schedule > Punch Clock > To approve per week and click on the little printer icon at the top. You will be able to export the times either as a PDF or as a spread sheet (Excel).

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