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How can I approve shifts using Punch Clock?


Go to Schedule > Punch Clock > To approve per day
(or To approve per week, if you prefer).

Go through the list of shifts, edit any hours - if necessary - and set a check mark in the column to the right when everything is correct.

You can also edit the punch times manually, for example if an employee has forgotten to punch out.
Once you’ve been through the list for the day, click “approve selected” to finalize the job and make each shift ready for payroll.

Planday PunchClock approve shifts daily

The shifts will then be marked in green and approved within the work schedule, and will be visible in the overview of approved shifts here in the Punch Clock.


What if someone forgot to punch in?

If an employee forgets to punch in, the shift will not be on this list. Instead, you can approve the shift directly from the schedule:

Go to Schedule and double click the shift to edit it.

Adjust the start and end times to reflect the actual working hours and tick the "approved" box before you save the shift.


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