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Can I bulk update an employee group?


Go to People > Employee groups to update which employees are linked to each group and what rate they are paid.

The information shown may depend on the security settings for each manager.
In this example, the current user can only edit a subset of employees, indicated by the value after the slash:

Planday People List employee groups


Start by clicking the icon 'Add / Edit employees' to the right to see the list of current employees.

It is possible to filter by department, if the current user has access to more than one department. Otherwise the filtering will be hidden.

Add employees

To add an employee to the group, click “Add employee” at the top.

Planday Edit Employee Groups

Edit hourly wages

In the example above, the user has access to payroll. For some employees the field is empty. This is because, in this case, these users have the same security level as the person accessing the page.
If the user has restricted access, the column 'hourly wage' will be removed completely.


To edit the pay rate for each employee, click 'Edit hour wages' at the top. 

All rows with a new rate and a valid date will be updated when you click "save" - checkmarks are not required.

Planday Groups Edit hourly wage

You can enter the new rate and the date manually for each employee.

However, you can also copy a rate to multiple rows at a time: Enter the new values in the fields at the top, check mark the relevant employees and click the “Update selected” button.

Planday Groups Bulk Update rate


When the 'valid from' causes a conflict with an existing salary, a warning is displayed.

By clicking 'Save' anyway, the hourly rate for that employee will be updated.

If the employee is on a monthly salary too, that means he/she will be paid both. You can correct that by going to that employee's profile and change the monthly salary to 0 by that same date. Please refer to this article for more details on changing an employee from a monthly salary to an hourly wage.

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