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Payroll checklist - what to prepare before creating a payroll report


When using Planday it is easy to create a report with all info needed for doing your payroll - but before you start using the payroll report in Planday, we suggest you follow these steps.



1. Are the Salary identifiers correct?

Make sure the salary identifier for all employees is updated. You can check/edit the salary identifiers at People > Employees > Edit user. The salary identifier is placed in the Employee details tab.

Tip: a typical error when handling payroll reporting is two employees with the same salary identifier.


2. Any employee changes since last time you did payroll?

Often you hire new staff and edit data on existing employees. Planday offers a report that will all the changes made during a specific period. The report is called "Change report" and can be found at People > Employees > Tools > Export > Select the "Employee changes" report type.


3. Salary codes used in your payroll system

If you use a payroll system to run the payroll, it will typically use something called salary codes. The salary codes tell the payroll system if the data in the output file from Planday should be counted as normal hours, extra hours or payroll supplement.

The salary code for normal worked hours can be changed at Settings > Payroll > General > Salary codes

The salary code for supplements can be changed at Settings > Payroll > Payroll supplement > Edit the specific supplement


4. Is everything approved in the schedule?

Before you create a payroll report in Planday, we recommend that you check that each shift is correct. You can mark it as 'approved' and generate a report including only approved shifts. When browsing through your schedule, look out for any shifts that have any colour other than green. Green indicates that the shift is approved.

If you don't feel like browsing through the schedule looking for colours, go straight to Schedule and select the tab Visual overview. There you can easily see when you have unapproved shifts and go to a list of the day's shift by clicking on the date.


Don't be afraid of creating payroll reports in Planday, you can create as many as you like. Creating a report does not change any data.


Planday offers many other payroll and wage settings - please contact us if you did not find the answer in this article.



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