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Introduction and Overview


Thank you for choosing Planday!
We will guide you through the setup of your first schedule, so you can start enjoying the benefits of our cloud based scheduling tool – both on web and app:

  • Easy and accurate scheduling that assigns the relevant people to each shift.
  • Lift the organisational weight off your shoulders by letting your employees bid on open shifts, arrange swaps themselves, register their actual working hours with Punch Clock and more - all you need to do is approve
  • Quickly communicate upcoming events, important changes or documents to all - or groups of - employees and be sure the information will not be lost in a swamped e-mail account.

Each section of this guide will take you one step closer to a much better way of working – saving you time and money, and increasing employee communication and morale. Let’s get started!

Here you will find some instructions to help you on your way:


1. People - Employees and organisation

2. Schedule - Set up your schedule and schedule employees

3. Invite your employees and simplify the administration


4. Collaboration and communication

5. Wages, salary and export to payroll

6. Punch Clock

7. Workflow and additional features

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