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6. Punch Clock


Punch Clock is a powerful addition to your Planday schedule! Punch Clock allows you to track exactly when your employees arrive and leave, and is easily accessible both in the app and on the designated website.

Using Punch Clock can take some getting used to, but since everybody benefits from fair and exact pay for the job done, it will not be long before checking in and out becomes an automatic reflex for all your employees - even when they go on break.

  • As with all other shifts, the times must be approved before the employee is paid for the hours worked. Please go to Schedule > Punch Clock and compare the scheduled shift time and the actual punch time before approving. Tick the box to the right and click ‘approve selected’ when you’re satisfied that the times are all correct.


For a visual guide to Punch Clock and approving shifts, please refer to this video:


Using the Punch Clock web site is the perfect solution for you if your employees don’t have a smartphone or don’t bring it to work. You will need an iPad or a computer at the work place where each employee can log in to the Punch Clock web site with his or her Planday login information.

  • To activate the Punch Clock web site for your portal, please go to Settings > Punch Clock > Employee access and click ‘add’.

That allows you to add the IP address of your company network, so you know that your employees were at work when checking in and out. Your current IP address is shown at the top of the window, so you can easily copy it from there. You can also check it by googling “IP address”. You can add as many IP addresses as you need.

Tip! For easy access to Punch Clock, set up the start page on your tablet or computer. On Google Chrome, for example, click ‘Settings’ in the top right corner and in the “On startup” section, select “Open a specific page or set of pages”. To the side there is a link, marked “Set pages”. Click on it and insert as your default web page.


Punch Clock in the Planday App

Using Punch Clock in the Planday app is relevant for any business with employees spread across the city or for employees who have their smartphone with them at all times.
To activate the Punch Clock functionality in the Planday app for all your users, please open your portal, go to Settings > Punch Clock > Employee access and scroll down to Mobile App Access and mark ‘Yes’ (this allows Punch Clock to be accessed in the mobile app).

We offer you the possibility to limit the access to Punch Clock in the app, so employees cannot punch in or out from home or any other location that's not the office. Unmark the first choice of unlimited access and you will get two options:

  • GPS-restrictions: Find your company’s address and mark a range within which your employees can punch in and out. The necessary threshold depends on how exact the GPS is in your given area, but usually you will have to set the limit to min. 100 metres.
  • IP-restrictions: Add the IP address(es) of your company Wi-Fi to the approved list in the same way that you allowed access to the Punch Clock web site (above).

You are even welcome to activate both, to offer your staff more flexibility.


Adapt Punch Clock to your world

Planday offers a wide variety of improvements on the traditional time clock, as well as a wealth of customization options. We can help you set up rules that deal with early and late arrivals, punching in and out for breaks, and more.


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