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4. Collaboration and communication


The Planday app plays an important role in involving your employees and increasing satisfaction.

If you haven't done so already, download the app for your smartphone here:

To sign in to the app you need the web address to your Planday portal, your username and your password.

With the app, your employees will always have their personal - and updated - schedule right at their fingertips, they’re presented with real time information about shifts made available by managers or colleagues and receive important messages with instructions or a new menu.

By activating your employees and holding them accountable, you will free up lots of time for your business. In the app and in the portal, your employees can take action on the assigned shifts they’re not interested in, by offering them to, or swapping them with, a colleague. Once the employees have settled it among themselves, all you have to do is approve it with a few clicks. 


Your employees can also help you cover open shifts. Open shifts are shown in the app to employees within the relevant employee group, and they can request any open shift that fits their personal schedule. All you have to do is approve the request, and the shift is assigned.

  • On the left hand side of the portal home page, managers will see a summary of the shifts that need approval. Visit the portal regularly to approve requests for open shifts, swaps and more.

Should someone call in sick, you can easily post a new shift and see if any available employees sign up. If it’s urgent, you can use the schedule related messaging feature to make sure they’re aware of the chance for extra hours.

  • Go to Schedule > Day and click ‘Send message’ to send a message to the relevant recipients, e.g. everyone in the right group and who isn’t already working.

There you’ll also find the opportunity to send a reminder to everyone working today. 


To send a message to your staff, simply click on the envelope icon in the top right corner and select the relevant individuals or group of recipients, e.g. all chefs, and write your message.
If it’s an important message and you want to make sure your staff doesn’t miss it, you can decide to freeze the message on their screen or in the app for any given period of time, e.g. 30 seconds, to force them to read it. You can even require a reply from each employee by opting in on ‘forced answer’.

News feed
If you want to make sure that any given information is top of mind with your staff, you can post the information on the bulletin board on the front page of the portal and the app instead. 
You are welcome to attach documents to the news you publish, e.g. this month’s a la carte menu. You can post news directly from the portal home page and decide for how long the news should be visible.

Another way of communicating with your staff is by posting an event in your portal calendar directly from the front page. This section is often used for the staff Christmas party, mandatory security meetings and special occasions in your venue.
You can activate an “attendance” function, which is great for knowing that you have reached all employees who are required to be present. Your employees will see a “Subscribe” button along with the event, so they can quickly and easily report back to you whether they’ll be attending or not.

On the portal front page, anyone can see whose birthday is coming up this week and get a chance to greet his or her colleague on the day.

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