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7. Your new workflow


The Planday portal offers a variety of administrative tools that can help you simplify your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and keep all relevant information gathered in one place.

Signing on new employees – Documents & Contracts

We recommend that you take advantage of the many ways to store information for each employee by going to People > Employees > Edit employee and select the tab ‘Documents’.
We even help you take care of your contracts! In the left hand pane, you can click ‘create contract’ and, based on a template you’ve uploaded in Settings, the system will generate a contract populated with the information you’ve previously entered for this specific employee. You can even send the contract and ask the user to sign it electronically, all through Planday.

You can learn how to set up contracts right here!

Deactivating former employees

When an employee is no longer working with you, and therefore shouldn’t have access to your Planday portal, you can deactivate his or her user account:

  • Go to People > Employees > Edit employee and click ‘Deactivate’ in the left hand side of the pane.

By deactivating rather than deleting the employee you will keep all the system history for the person.

Tip! To keep track of why someone was deactivated, you can add a reason – and you can even set up your own list of reasons. Please go to Settings > People > General and select the tab ‘Termination Types’.


Day to day tasks

In order to stay on top of your schedules and any pending requests from staff, we suggest these daily tasks.



Schedule edits and employee information

Review your schedule every day to make sure it’s correct, and that you have the appropriate employees scheduled as needed.

Pay attention to the icons that will show on the shifts, indicating that something needs approval (also see next task).

If you use “Shift types”, confirm that the correct shift types are applied where relevant.

To add a “day note” that is visible to other schedule managers, hover over the weekday name and click the pen icon. All employees can see the title.

Approve all pending shift requests

Before employees get confirmations on swaps, trades, or booking open shifts, manager approval is required.
On the “Home” screen, check the “Pending actions” widget in the top left and review the requests.

Approve all Punch Clock entries

Managers can see all Punch Clock entries, and make any adjustments before approving them for payroll export.

Access “Punch Clock” in the “Schedule” section to see all Punch Clock entries that need approval.

Check message inbox

Check in the top right hand corner, on the mail icon, if there are any new messages.

Go through and respond appropriately. Make any necessary edits to the schedule.

Send schedule reminders

Remind your employees about their upcoming shifts, or anything important happening the next day.

Go to “Schedule”, “Day”, select the day you want and then click “Send message”.


Weekly tasks

Stay ahead of your schedule and maintain regular staff communication with these weekly tasks. 



Roll out schedule templates

Using templates will save you time when scheduling. You can roll out templates in advance, and hide the future weeks from view until you want to reveal them to staff.

Go to “Schedule” and in the “Templates” menu choose “Apply template”. Roll it out, then make any manual adjustments.

Create relevant News and Events

Use the “News feed” and “Events” on the Home page to communicate any important information to the relevant staff members.

By targeting specific recipients, you’ll be able to limit the number of messages sent to your staff, increasing the chance they pay attention to those that concern them.

People management

Review the “People” section and add any new employees / deactivate anyone who has left.


Monthly tasks

At the end of each month, plan some time to look at your reports, run payroll, and make sure to keep a clean scheduling system.



Schedule statistics

Pull the schedule statistics report and review the past month for any discrepancies or unusual entries.

Export employee change report

To see what changes have been made to any employee information in the past month, go to “People”, and click “Print data” in the “Tools” menu.

Tick “Only employees with changes”, then “Print data”.

Payroll export

Export your schedule data for payroll and send to your payroll provider for import.

Review News feed and Events

Make sure the information shared via News feed and Events is relevant. Tidy up as needed.

Review people and security settings

Spend some time in “People” ensuring that all employees are added, any employees who have left have been deactivated, and that only the right people are added to Administrator and Manager roles.

Remind all staff to use the app and keep their contact details up to date

As needed, send a group message / SMS to all employees reminding them to use the Planday app, keep their contact details and work availability up to date, and make use of the ability to swap / trade / request shifts.

When your workforce engages in using Planday, thanks to the benefits of always having an updated schedule in their pocket, you will also reap the benefits of saving time when managing the schedules.


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