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2. Start assigning shifts


Create shifts

Whether you’ve decided to organise your schedule by employees or by positions, all you have to do is look at the outlined schedule and create shifts, where you need them. Simply click ‘create shift’ and enter the start and end time.
You can either assign an employee for that shift or leave it open. Regardless, only employees who are qualified for a given position can work that shift, as defined by the employee groups.
When you want to assign a specific employee to a shift, Planday makes sure you don’t assign an employee to simultaneous shifts or assign employees who are marked as unavailable due to exams or holiday.

Open shifts are shifts with no specific person assigned to them. Open shifts allow you to set up all the shifts you need and assign an employee afterwards. Open shifts are shown in the app to employees within the relevant employee group, and they can request any open shift that fits their personal schedule. All you have to do is approve the request, and the shift is assigned.

Tip! You can configure Working time rules to further streamline your scheduling and comply with any regulations. For example, you will be alerted whenever you want to assign a shift to an employee who is already scheduled for more than 50 hours that week. Go to Settings > Schedule > Working time rules and click ‘Create’ to set up the rules that are relevant to your business.



Encourage your employees to keep their work availability up to date to make scheduling easier. When each employee registers his or her personal availability in the Planday portal, the information is presented to you when and where you need it – no more sticky notes and emails to refer to!

  • Go to Home > Your availability and click ‘Edit all’ to register your personal availability for any given day. If you mark ‘can work’, your name will come up in green, when creating a shift. In the opposite case, your name will come up in red.

Tip! You can further simplify your administrative procedures by implementing the Vacation module and creating an account for each employee (Settings > Absence > Accounts). Every time he or she asks for paid leave in the portal under Home > Your vacation and you approve the holiday, the number of days will be deducted automatically. Approved vacation will be conveniently visible below the weekly schedule.

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