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Working extra hours or swapping shifts


Working more: Open shifts

If you are interested in working extra shifts, go to the Planday portal > Your Schedule > Open shifts. There you’ll find a list of unassigned shifts that need to be covered. The list will only show you open shifts for positions you are qualified to work. Simply click on a relevant shift and mark ‘Take this shift’ (click the shift again to cancel your request). Your manager will be notified and can assign the shift to you. Multiple colleagues may have requested the open shift, so this doesn’t guarantee that your manager will assign the shift to you. You will receive a message if the shift is yours.


Working less: Swapping or selling shifts
In Your Schedule you can see a list of all the shifts your manager has assigned to you. If a specific shift doesn’t suit your personal schedule, you can do one of two things:

  • Sell shift: You can release the shift and make it open for any colleague in the relevant group who may be interested. If no one requests to take it off your hands, the shift is still yours.
  • Swap shift: You can find a specific colleague and agree for him/ her to cover your shift in your place. You can either hand over the shift to the colleague or agree to take one of his/ her shifts in return (swap).

Exempting yourself from a shift, one way or another, may be subject to your manager’s approval. She or he will be notified automatically, when you’ve found someone to cover your shift, and you in turn will receive confirmation if it is accepted.

Planday Schedule swap shift

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