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Availability and vacation


To avoid situations where you need to find someone to take over shifts you can’t work, or hunt for extra work after a schedule was published, you can report your availability to your manager beforehand.

  • Go to the Planday portal > Your availability, click ‘Edit all’ and report your availability for each day, one by one.

If the business is open Thursday-Sunday, you can only report your availability for those business days. You can choose between “Not decided”, ”Cannot work” and “Can work”, and even add a comment if there is anything that the manager should take into account. If you mark ‘Cannot work’ for a given day, your name will appear in red when your manager tries to assign a shift to you on that day. On the other hand, your name will be marked in green if you have chosen ‘Can work’.

Example: Classes are over and you only have one exam, so you would like to work extra shifts. Select ‘Can work’ for every day in the next two weeks.

Your manager may require more details on when you can or cannot work, in which case you can mark your availability using one of the pre-defined intervals or writing both a start and an end time.

Example: You are taking an art class every Saturday from 12 am to 2 pm for the next three months, so you will not be able to work the lunch shift at the café. Mark ‘Cannot work’ for the day and add a comment or mark 'Cannot work' for the hours from 11 am to 3 pm.


Your manager may have also activated the vacation module for you, registering how many days of paid leave you get per year. You can request a holiday in the Planday portal by going to Your Vacation and click ‘Request vacation’. If your manager hasn’t created an account for you, please contact him or her directly. When you request time off, your manager will receive a notification and decide what to do about any shifts you may have during those days. Once your paid leave has been approved, you will receive a confirmation message and can start planning a relaxing trip!

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