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Can I get an overview of swaps?


When employees are assigned shifts that they can’t or don’t want to work, they can opt to swap or hand over their shift to a colleague. Once they’ve organised it among themselves, you will be asked to accept the change. You can define if and when your employees need your approval for swapping shifts in Settings > Schedule > Swaps > Administrative settings.

On your portal dashboard, you can see a list of issues that need your attention. Among those are the swap requests, so click there to get a list of the changes you haven’t taken a look at yet. Once you have approved or rejected a swap, it will have the same status as any regular shift and disappear from this list.

For a list of all the changes made to the schedule, please go to Schedule > Tools and select “Change report”. Clicking the + to the right will show you the history and nature of the changes made to each shift.

Planday Schedule shift change log

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