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Can I change an employee from an hourly wage to a monthly salary (or vice versa)?


Absolutely, but make sure you pay attention to detail!

Going from a monthly salary to an hourly wage
Start by removing the employee’s monthly salary by going to People > Employees > Edit employee and clicking on “new monthly salary”. In the new window, please type the amount 0 in the first field and 0 hours in the second field. The system will always suggest today as the relevant date, but that will rarely be the case. Make sure you take into account when you last exported payroll and when the new rate of 0 should apply compared to that.

Planday Edit employee salary

Next, you want to make sure the employee is paid an hourly wage for each of the tasks performed. Please select the tab Groups & Wages and enter the right amount for each employee group he or she belongs to, and enter the same date as you entered when changing the monthly salary.

Planday Edit employee hourly wages


Going from an hourly wage to a monthly salary
This is the same procedure as detailed above, simply reversed:
Type the new amount this employee should be paid per month and from which date. Afterwards, change his or her hourly rate to 0 effective from the same date.


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