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How can I create a payroll report for Bluegarden or Dataløn?


To export your payroll report to Bluegarden or Dataløn, please make sure these specific settings are correct. You can check them by going to Settings > Payroll
and select "Bluegarden / Dataløn"

Planday Payroll report for Bluegarden

You will find your employer ID or Bluegarden customer ID in your payroll system.

Then select for which period of time you usually pay your employees.
Often the salary type 51 - monthly paid back in time - is the appropriate choice.

Multiløn Erhverv / Bluegarden Business: Enter Customer Relationship ID, if you have not made a specific CSV file/ input value.

When using Multiløn/Bluegarden Business, you'll most likely want to unmark

Create a Column in the File with Total and
Create a Column in the File with Hourly Wage.

Finish by clicking on 'Save'.

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