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Inbox & Schedule


In the top right corner in your Planday portal, you will find your Inbox with messages and documents sent to you.
Your manager can send you messages regarding events, this month’s a la carte menu or the updated schedule. Documents in your Inbox could be a contract, your recent payslips or the safety guidelines.

All information in your Planday Inbox will conveniently be mirrored in the Planday app.


Your schedule

When you step from the front page to your schedule, you will get a detailed overview of your future shifts. This is your personal shift plan, which will always be up-to-date.

If you want, you can copy the appointments to your calendar, e.g. in Outlook or iPhone, by clicking the button 'Save all shifts'. However, the appointments will not be synchronised, so we recommend that you check the Planday app and messages from your manager there on a regular basis.

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