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How do I adjust wages in case of sickness?


Shift types are a very useful tool for keeping track of your employees’ attendance and automatically adapt their pay to the current situation, such as in case of extra responsibilities or sickness.
For more information about shift types for attendance, see this article on absence reports.

You can customise the existing shift types and create as many new ones as you find useful:

  • Go to Settings > Schedule > Shift types and click the pencil to edit a shift type
    Enter a name of the type that makes sense to you and other managers and select a colour code to make it visible on the schedule. You can even add a description to help you use the type consistently.

If an employee takes on the responsibility of training a new co-worker during his shift, you can reward him or her with additional pay. In Rate Adjustment you can choose to pay the employee 120%, 100% being his regular rate. The new co-worker might also be paid less during training, so you could create a shift type called “receiving training” with a rate adjustment at 80% and make sure his shifts are all changed from “normal” to this new shift type.

You can also adjust the rate by a specific amount, e.g. by adding an hourly bonus of £2 to everyone training a new co-worker, or paying all new employees a fixed rate of £7.50 per hour during training.

Planday Schedule Edit shift type

In the bottom half of the dialogue, you can customise the handling of the shift type even further.

If you tick the options under “Include all hours on this shift type in the following functions”, it means that an 8-hour shift with including breaks totalling 1 hour will count as follows:

Payroll supplement – all relevant supplements for the 7 hours of work will be added to the monthly payroll.
Break – the shift will count for 7 hours. If unmarked, the shift will count for 8 hours.
Meal contribution – all relevant contributions for the 7 hours work will be added.
Affects monthly salaried – employees who are on a fixed contract don’t usually get paid more for extra responsibilities, nor are they deducted in pay for a sick day. If you want to add or subtract money from their salary for special shifts, please feel free to mark this option.

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