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Can you help me create an absence report?


For instructions on how to use shift types to adjust pay, please refer to this article
Shift types as a wage modifier

In order to keep track of your employees’ absences, you can create one or more shift types and record these absences directly on the schedule as shifts.

Running shift type statistics is very helpful to get an overview of how often your employees call in sick or how often you pay an experienced employee extra to train a new colleague. You can run statistics on any kind of shift type you have created and are using.

  • Go to Settings > Schedule > Shift types and click the pencil to edit a shift type
  • When someone calls in sick, right click his or her shift to change the shift type from “normal” to “sick”.

To run the report, go to Reports > Shift type statistics. Unmark “all” shift types and mark the shift type(s) related to absence / sickness, adjust any parameters and click “Show statistics”.

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