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Why don’t the payroll costs in the schedule and the payroll report match?


The costs displayed on the schedule are estimates that take into account only the shifts your employees have been scheduled to work over a given week. In the course of the week, changes may occur that alter the estimate. Employees with different hourly wages may swap shifts, someone might have called in sick, so you have to pay both for his hours and the replacement.

Moreover, you may have configured your schedule to add the additional payroll costs defined as a percentage under Settings > Reports > Revenue. Those are considered expenses rather than strict payroll costs, and as such will not be reported in the payroll cost estimates.

Planday Additional Payroll costs


It is also important to note that the payroll report usually only includes shifts that have been approved, whereas the payroll costs are not affected by shifts being approved or not.

  • Please go to Schedule > Shift status overview and select the relevant week (top left). All grey squares represent shifts that haven’t been approved. Click on the date in the header to see a full list of the shifts and approve the ones missing from that day.

When you have approved all the shifts, the payroll report and the schedule costs should be much closer.

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