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Where can I enter today’s revenue?


Go to Reports > Revenue > Per day and click on the amount in the column ’Revenue’.
In the new window that opens, you can enter the revenue of the day for each department and each unit. You can read more about units in the article here.

With or without sales tax
The easiest thing is to type the amount that is delivered from your cash register, i.e. usually incl. VAT. To be able to compare those numbers with the payroll expenses you must deduct the sales tax from the revenue.

Go to Settings > Reports > Revenue and in the tab ’Settings’ you can enter the percentage that will be deducted automatically. Please note that you shouldn’t enter the sales tax percentage itself, but rather the percentage to be deducted from the gross revenue. For example, if your local VAT is 20 %, please deduct 16.6 %. This is calculated by multiplying the sales tax percentage by 100, and then dividing the result by the sum of the sales tax plus 100 (20 x 100 = 2000; 2000/120=16.6).

The reports can show you even more details if you also enter the budgeted revenue. You can read more about monthly budgets in this article.

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