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Can I get my revenue directly from POS?


Yes, Planday integrates with the following point-of-sale systems:
POSlavu, OnlinePOS and the Norwegian KDR.

Go to Settings > Portal Settings > Scheduled jobs and click ’Create instance’. Under type, select POS integration.

The start date can be a date in the past, but in that case you must note whether the imported numbers should be added to any revenue you may have already entered manually.
The time of this automatic API job should be set for after 05.00, if you want the Monday’s revenue from POSlavu to be visible on Tuesday morning, for example.

From the 'POS service' list, please select your system. This reveals more fields that need to be completed. You will find the necessary information such as ID and access code in your POS system.

Finally, scroll down and click ’Test Settings and Fetch Units'.


If you get a list of your different cash registers, please match them to your units in Planday. You can add more POS locations to each unit.

If all settings are done correctly, you can save and in the future your revenue will be ready in Planday for reporting.
If the setup is causing problems, you’re welcome to contact us at

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